the camino and spain: info & literature from a to z

Almodóvar, Pedro - Film director,  screenwriter,  producer
Battjes, Paul - "The Camino Cocina Cookbook" 2010
Coelho, Paolo - "The Pilgrimage" 1987
Dune, Maryjane et al - "Pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela" ( Bibliography)   1994
Enoturismo -                            Oficial website of the ... Spanish Institute for Foreign Trade
Fray, Nancy Louise - "Pilgrim Stories - On and Off the Road to Santiago"  1998
Gitlitz, David et al - "The Pilgrimage Road to Santiago 2000
Hodum, Robert - "Pilgrims' Steps - A Search for Spain's Santiago" 2012
Irache, Bodegas - Home of Navarra's famous wine fountain
Jacobs, M. - "The Road to Santiago" ( architectural )   3rd edition 2003
Kerkeling, Hape - "I'm off then- my journey along the Camino de Santiago" In English 2009
Lodge, David - Therapy 1995
Maclain, Shirley - "The Camino: A Journey of the Spirit" 2000
Nooteboom, Cees - "Roads to Santiago" In English 1996
O'Shea, Theresa et al - "In the Garlic" ( Fun guide to Spain ) 2009
Peyer, Eduard - "Buen Camino and Bon Appétit - A Culinary Journey ..." 2012
Quijote Interactivo - - Cervantes -The book! Biblioteca Nacional de España
Ruiz, Teofilio - "Medieval Spain" 2004
Starkie, Walter - The Road to Santiago - Pilgrims of St. James" 1957
Tremlett, Giles - "Ghosts of Spain" First published in 2006, now updated
Unamuno, Miguel de - "San Emmanuel the Good, Martyr" 1930
Videos at Try: Botafumeiro -Santiago de Compostela
Williams, Patrick L. - "Philip II" ( Spanish History ) 2001
Xacobeo -                                                                    in Galicia: The official Camino de Santiago website
Yankees, Brits, Germans > subspecies of guiris ( = laughable foreigners,  ) See also
Zarzuela - All about Spanish opera

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