About us. We met many years ago in West-Berlin, where we both started our studies at the Free University. We soon became friends, and as you can see, this has not changed and we have been friends ever since.                 


Axel's background is pretty much Spanish, though born in Germany, from the age of 5 he was raised in Madrid, the city where he has lived throughout all of his life,  except for the 5 years in Berlin during which he enjoyed being independent and far away from home! After his studies, Axel started a management career which brought him back to Spain and later into senior management positions where he was responsible for a number of operations and factories around the world. All this career stuff is now "water under the bridge", and in his new life Axel ( blue overcoat ) is happy to be free again and to walk around wherever he wants to … be it in Madrid and the mountains nearby, up and down  the Camino de Santiago, and in many other places in and outside of Spain.        


When we take a look at Ralf''s background, there we can hear a bit of an American accent … because Chicago was the place where  he learnt to read and write, to ride a bike, where he played baseball, and where he tried his first cigarettes. In the 2nd half of the 60s and early 70s, his North German accent developed in and around Hamburg as well as in northwestern Germany. University studies made him move to West-Berlin, where he also made his first career moves in sales and marketing, after graduating in Business Administration. From here, he then moved with is wife to the Cologne / Düsseldorf area where he became a sales manager in a large US company. In the early 90s, a new assignment in export sales  brought him back again to northern Germany, and in the late 90s Ralf was appointed General Manager of the company´s Spanish production site in Barcelona. And like our friend Axel, Ralf too, has become a free man now  … and he enjoys every bit of it! And that includes our walk-abouts on the Camino de Santiago, which we actually already started back in 2002.


We truely enjoy the new life we now have ( no more meetings, budgets, forecasts and presentations! ) as well as our hiking tours here in northern Spain and elsewhere … and with our little website we would like to invite you now to become our Camino friends and to share all the wonderful moments and this once-in-a-lifetime experience the Camino has in store for us. So, how about it? For us it's very clear, as before, and again and again…

The camino experience - let´s go there!