The Camino is a very special place to go, nothing like the typical cliché images  we often  asscociate with Spain ... sun, palm-trees crowded beaches. We think of Gran Canaria's Playa del Inglés, long party nights in Marbella, Lloret de Mar, Mallorca  ...  mass tourism, locals outnumbered by foreign tourists, fish & chips, kebab and German beer etc etc - and quite obviously, the Camino is very different!

The Camino is about real Spain, real history, real local traditions, and it's about a real experience and a real you! At Camino Partners we will make sure that for you all this will really turn into a real experience . With our Camino tours we offer a one-week getaway, fully organised from a A to Z, but still with all the freedom you need as an individual. You don't know Spanish and how to deal with certain situations? Not a problem at all! You will have two personal tour guides who are at home on both sides ... who speak your language, but who are both fluent in Spanish and perfectly acquainted with Spain and its customs and traditions.

Before departure, there will be a general briefing regarding the Dos & Don'ts when walking the Camino, and once having arrived in Madrid, your Camino Partner tour guides will give you an all-round support assisting you in every possible way. Every Camino day will start at breakfast with a daily info sheet containing route directions and some other relevant information. When on the Camino, one of the two personal Camino guides will be available for you at all time, while tour guide number 2 remains in the background organising luggage transport and other back-up jobs. After 5 - 6 hours, or so, you will arrive at your hotel ... and at Camino Partners we will always do our utmost to make sure quality accommodation is booked for you ( tested and verified by us ). In addition, we will take you to quality restaurants and bars specialised on local traditional cuisine. Wine tasting is another activity which will be difficult to avoid ... it is part of the Camino where some of you will possibly be interested in building up some more expert knowledge in this particular field! The food, the wine ... it'll be all part of the Camino Partners' package, or let ́s say ... almost all of it!

And it's all about you! It's about being out there on the Camino, discovering the geography, medieaval churches and monasteries, cities, learning about the history of Spain and what's all behind it. It's about being outdoors, walking, not speeding ... experiencing the pleasure of slowness. Having fun, making new friends, disconnecting from your busy life and daily duties. Enjoying Spain's excellent and elegant northern cuisine, its wines and other tasty specialities ... and after a wonderful day on and off the Camino there's a nice hotel waiting for you, clean, comfortable, friendly ... a place where you can relax, stretch out and think of all the moments and discoveries you have experienced. Happiness. You think: what will the next day have in store for us? And you think again: There will be a lot more, I really love it ... but I need some sleep first!

You will have a great time, no doubt about it, a walking tour along the Camino, a tour you will probably never forget! 

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